Shrink Links(Shrinkies) is a single strand method that uses tiny keratin lined, clear, matte plastic tubes in which clusters of the client's natural hair and pre-bonded extension hair are bonded together. The Shrink Link bond is very flexible and lightweight and looks extremely natural. Installation is $3 per strand – includes minimal face framing layers, styling, and finish.  It is recommended that after 8-10 weeks, depending on how fast the natural hair grows, these be removed. The pre-bonded hair may be reused with new Shrink Link tubes.



*Cost of extension hair is not included.

Shrink Link(Shrinkies)(Includes minimal face framing layers, styling, and finish)______________________$3 per strand


 *Matting and tangling will occur if extensions are worn for longer than 8-10 weeks without any maintenance. Every 6-8 weeks your extensions can be touched up,  new hair can be added, and old hair can be removed. Clients must bring their own shrink link bonds at each maintenance appointment.