Microlink is a single strand method that uses tiny silicone lined copper tubes that are clamped to a cluster of strands of the client's natural hair with the extension strand inside. These are very lightweight, natural looking, and no heat or glue is used. Microlinks should be touched up or removed by 8-10 weeks depending on how fast the natural hair grows.




*Cost of extension hair is not included.

Microlink(Includes minimal face framing layers, styling, and finish)______________________$3 per strand



*Client must come in with freshly shampooed dry hair and new beads at each maintanence appointment.

Detangling of matting___________________$40-$100


 *Matting and tangling will occur if extensions are worn for longer than 8-10 weeks without any maintenance. Every 6-8 weeks your extensions can be touched up,  new hair can be added, and old hair can be removed. Clients must bring their own microlink beads at each maintenance appointment.